PHYSIO 30ml Spray



Detailed description:

INTERNATIONAL NAME:  Sodium chloride.
PHARMACOLOGICAL GROUP: Medical mean for nasal cavity diseases.
ATC code: R01AX10.
0,65%  nasal drops.
0,9% solution – nasal spray.
DESCRIPTION: A colorless, transparent solution, weak characteristic odor.
COMPOSITION: “Physio” nasal drops and spray contains:
Sodium chloride – 6,5mg/1 ml (0,65% solution) or 9 mg/1 ml (0,9% solution);
Excipients: Methylparaben, disodium edetat, sodium dihydrophosphate dihydrate, sodium hydrophosphate dihydrate, distilled water.
PHARMACOLOGICAL OPERATION: "Physio" 0,65% and 0,9% represents sodium chloride solution (respectively – hypotonic and isotonic), which moistens a mucous membrane of nasal cavity, swells the condensed mucous elution, facilitates its removal from the nasal cavity, improves nasal breath. Softens the scab formed on the mucous membrane of nasal cavity and promotes its removal. The preparation removes puffiness of a mucous membrane of nose and prevents development of otitis. Also, it should be noted, that when using during the period of nose post operation, the preparation promotes removal of dead cells of skin and scales that reduces bleeding. 
PHARMACOKINETICS: At local use low absorption.   
·    It is used for hygienic processing of mucous membrane of the nasal cavity for adults and children (0,65% solution – also for infants), for fast and easy clarification of nasal cavity from viscous mucus and scabs;  
·    Inflammatory diseases of various etiology of nasal cavity mucous membranes, nasopharynx (infectious, allergic rhinitis, chronic atrophic rhinitis; rhinosinusitis; rhinopharyngitis), followed by dryness of nose mucous membrane or flow of mucus;   
·    Prevention of inflammatory processes of nasal cavity, nasopharynx, additional nasal sinus (highmoritis, frontitis, sinusitis), prevention of otitis in the period of epidemic aggravation;
·    Cleaning of nasal mucous membranes and moisture in polluted environment with harmful substances (paints, dust, flour) or in case of long stay in air-cooling building;
·    Post operational period of nose, for removal of dead cells of skin and scales;
·    During the period of complex treatment, promotes absorption of other therapeutic agents from nasal cavity.
·    Hypersensitivity toward the components including in the preparation;
·    0,9% for nasal spray – children's age till 1 year.
SIDE EFFECTS: In some cases there may reveal allergic reactions, which are expressed by irritation of nasal mucous membrane.
USING RULE AND DOSAGE: Therapeutic-preventive agent is used intranasal.
0,65% nasal drops: for children up to 1 year: 1 drop in each nostril 3-4 times in a day; children more than one year: 1-2 drop in each nostrils 3-4 times in a day. For adults: 2 drops in each nostril 3-4 times in a day.
0,9% nasal spray: hold the bottle in vertical position and spray the solution in each nostril. After 2-3 minutes from spray, nasal cavity should be cleaned. In adults and children more than 3 years - 2 sprays of 0,9% spray 3-4 times in a day (more is possible in case of need). 
For children from 1 to 3 years: 1 spray of 0,9% spray 3-4 times in a day. 
For preventive treatment the preparation may be administered 1-4 times in a day.
Duration of treatment course is approximately three weeks; the second course of treatment may be carried out after 30 days rest. At time of preventive treatment, it is necessary to clean the nasal cavity before use of preparation.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: In order to avoid spread of infection, use of one vial isn't recommended by various people.
After administration clean the bottom of the vial.
PREGNANCY AND LACTATION: Use of “Physio” during lactation and pregnancy is recommended.
INTERACTION WITH OTHER  MEDICINES: Because of low absorption ability, interaction with other preparations isn't revealed.
PACKAGE: 10 ml 0,65% solution in polyethylene vial with dropper. The vial is placed in a carton box with instruction.
30 ml 0,9% solution in dark orange colour polyethylene vial with sprayer. The vial is placed in a carton box with instruction.
STORAGE: Is kept in a protected from light place, not more than 250C.
After opening, the preparation is valid till 1 month.
After the expiry date, the preparation should not be used.
ORDER OF ISSUE: Group of pharmaceutical product - III (issued without prescription).
SHELF LIFE: 2 years.
PRODUCER: “Neopharmi” LTD.